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Conception Games Host

The Conception Games Host is an experimental platform to explore different types of collaborative activity (game) involved in the cultivation of a shared conceptualisation.

There are two indepedent work streams within the Conception Games Host project: Design, and Reference Implementation.

Design - Service Specification and API

This work stream is designing the games host service and the different types of games that will be played via the host, at a relatively high level of abstraction. This stream is developing a platform-independent service specification and API, which is intended to support various implementations of both service and client components.

Currently, the design process begins with a formal specification of the games host and of each new type of game, which is then used to develop a UML model of the service API.





The formal specifications are developed under the games/design module in the CVS repository.

The service API UML model is developed under the games/model module in the CVS repository. Reports generated from this model are checked into the games/design/modeldoc folder.

Reference "Monolithic" Implementation

The second work stream is a reference "monolithic" implementation of the games host, both service and client components, as a RESTful Web service with a rich HTML/AJAX client. This implementation is exploring, amongst other things, efficient ways of moving from a platform-independent design specification to a concrete implementation. The current strategy involves using RDF for persistent storage and for (relatively) painless mappings into object-orientation and Web service communication.


The reference "monolithic" implementation is developed under the games/impl/monolith module in the CVS repository.


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